Whetstone, vienpusis whetstone, whetstone 180/800/2000/5000, tinka buityje, virtuvėje galąstuvai, whetstone įrankiai

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Žymos: 2000 m. peilis, 5000 akmens, elektric peilis drožtukas, taidea whetstone, 5000 žvyro, akmens, elektrinis peilis drožtukas audiniai, 2000 smėlis, 8000 žvyro, akmens, pagaląsti peilį, etapas elektrinis peilis drožtukas.

    €6.57 €13.12
  • Modelio Numeris: WH10000
  • Metalo Tipas: Kita
  • Funkcija: Įžuvinti
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Sertifikavimo: LFGB

"From Moscow to Kuzbass, The Stone reached in 9 days, packed well, no damage. The stone is even, griteness matches, although I expected it to be larger. I am happy with the purchase, I definitely recommend"
Luscious 202020-11-21
"The order came very quickly. But instead of stone, W180 sent Diamond Bar #400 and #1000. And in the rest everything is fine."
Adel 0242020-10-19
"It came in ~ 7 days, right to the door. Packed perfectly. Rubber bands for storage and anti-slip very By the way. Only I didn't know what a 2000 grit was. Really very finely, it's straight to bring the knife to the ideal. That is, smaller griteness is no longer necessary. Unless you want to sharpen the knife so that it starts cutting molecules like this, that they're back on track because they didn't notice the break. Krch all class, now there will be at home the norms of knives, hands and fingers in the blood))))"
"Quickly left to the apartment. Great Stone."

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